Being completely on its slopes, Pelion offers many opportunities for any kind of touristic activity. Anyone can try hiking, mountain biking or horse riding as there are many forest and countryside roads and paths useful for these activities and those who want to explore and enjoy places routes of great beauty with amazing view. These unique routes passing through fascinating forests on these unique paths in Pelion will be a real reward for you. Forthose fond of hard trekking there is panoramic view of the Pagasitikou gulf. On the other hand anyone preferring that surface trekking will enjoy mountain biking as they cycle on the shade of trees and they can always come across a spring to fill their bottle flask with fresh water. No doubt there are motorcycle opportunities too. The hills in Pelion offer adventure of any kind of motorbikes, cars and jeeps. There are hundreds of kilometers of rough roads in the mountains across the dense vegetation, full of high-rise trees of wild chestnuts and beech trees close to stone bridges over cold crystal-clear rivers. In winter time you can play with snow and water whereas in summertime you can also enjoy nature by going for a swim in the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea or the Gulf of Pagassitikos. Pelion will satisfy all lovers of aquatic sports. You can go sailing, windsurfing, water skiing or kayak. Aquatic sports are the best way to enjoy sea, the beautiful coasts and beaches of Pelion from a different perspective. During the summer months when the weather is really nice and the sea water accessible only by sea. Finally this can be the perfect destination for any season of the year as lovers of winter sports have nothing to complain about. There is no other place expect for Pelion that you can ski down the well- equipped ski slopes with of the deep blue sea.

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