Milies is probably the most historic and picturesque village in the Vnetur mountain. This is where the famous train track of Moutzouris starts and gets to Ano Lehonia through a pleasant journey. It is an old metropolitan village with a big historic background. It is there that with a big historic background. It is there that the famous School of Milies was established and it was the very beginning of the Greek liberation struggle in 1821 and big cultural centre of the time. The architectural trend here is tower houses and mansions, all of which offer a special experience of living.

Most of the village social life is gathered around the central square where locals and visitors mingle in the traditional coffee shops under the shade of very high oak trees. Some of them eat out in traditional tavernas there. Around the square you come across some very important buildings. A visit to the church of Pamegiston Taxiarchon, the Library, the Folk Museum and the Evdoxion Cultural Centre will be an unforgettable experience. For those in the mood of exploration, Milies can be the ideal destination in Pelion. Stone covered paths start off the central square and lead to the little neighborhoods. One of these paths crosses through the village and leads to the nearby village of Tsagarada whereas another one crosses the railway station and leads to the village of Kala Nera.

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